Fluoridated drinking water is ... Safe for your health. Effective to prevent cavities. Trusted by dentists, physicians and health professionals. By simply drinking a glass of water.

Community water fluoridation is the easiest, safest, and most effective way to minimize tooth decay and the incidence of cavities for Coloradans of all ages—especially for those children who may not have regular access to dental care.

About 74 percent of Coloradans currently receive fluoridated drinking water, and our state ranks 28th among all the states for the percentage of the population receiving fluoridated water.

Most natural water already contains fluoride. In fact, some groundwater and natural springs in Colorado already have the ideal levels of this natural substance to prevent tooth decay. Therefore, the process of water fluoridation is actually the science of testing how much fluoride already is in the local water supply and then adjusting it to ideal levels by adding fluoride from other natural sources.

Fluoridated community water systems are the best way to ensure that everyone—rich, poor, old, and young—benefits from fluoride.



Fluoridated drinking water does not cause harmful side effects. After decades of research, the best available science shows that fluoridated water is safe and healthy for everyone—from babies to seniors. Learn more.


Dentists, hygienists, family physicians and pediatricians all agree that fluoridation—especially through community water systems—is one of the most effective ways to prevent cavities. Learn more.


Colorado dentists and physicians, public health officials and researchers are unanimous in their support of the safety and benefits of fluoridated water systems. Learn more.

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